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Wet Cake discharge &

Dry cake discharge

Wet and Dry Cake Discharge particularly applies to Sparkler® Vertical Plate Filter models such as the Sparkler MCRO and Vertical Filter (VF). How the filter cake is discharged from the filter plates is an important consideration that could significantly impact your processes overall performance and the design of the filter itself. Many factors go into this decision and we recommend contacting a Sparkler Applications Engineer to help determine what is right for you. 

Wet Cake Discharge (WCD) typically involves disintegrating the cake for removal. In most models, we recommend the Sparkler Sluice as a solution for wet cake discharge. Thick or thin, sticky or brittle, fibrous or friable, the Sparkler high pressure sluice mechanism runs the entire length of the filter to quickly remove cake from the filter plate. 

Dry Cake Discharge (DCD) typically involves drying the filter cake on the filter plates and using vibration to allow the cake to fall off in pieces. DCD models can also be removed by shaking, scraping, tapping and the use of compressed air. 

Wet Cake Discharge (WCD)- 

The Sparkler® MCRO (WCD) Filter utilizes a Sluice which travels the length of the tank, concentrating the full force of the sluice on each plate.  Concentrated sluice volume results in disintegration of cake for removal.  The sluicing header directs a forceful liquid spray onto the surface of the filter plate in several different angles at once. 

MCRO Spray Jets

VF Spray Jets

WCD MCRO Dimensional

The sluice, positioned above the filter plates, consists of a telescoping pipe with a single cross arm sluicing header.  This cross header extends over the full width of the filter plate. It has multiple jets, so arranged and sized that the high pressure jet streams cover every square inch of the filter plate faces from varying angles as the header passes over the top of the filter plates. The high pressure penetrates through the filter media pores to prevent binding. 

In our MCRO Models, during the filtering cycle, this header is retracted to the front of the horizontal filter tank. At the end of the filter cycle, the tank is drained in the closed position; approximately 150 PSIG pressure is applied to the sluice mechanism and the pipe is extended all the way to the back of the tank and then fully retracted again (one complete cycle) at the rate of 4 ft./min. 

VF spray.png
MCRO Vertical Plate Filter for Large Indutrial Applications- Merrill-Crowe, Soda Ash, Caustic

Dry Cake Discharge (DCD)- 

The Sparkler® MCRO (DCD) Filter is cleaned with speed and efficiency by means of a pneumatic vibrator, but can also be cleaned manually. After the filtration cycle is finished, the filter cake is dried on the filter plates using air or gas and the tank is opened (Tank can also remain closed with conveyor system). The pneumatic vibrator is actuated and the vibrations are transmitted through the vibrator bar which is mounted alongside the filter plate bundle. The filter plates are vibrated and the cake falls off in pieces. Since the plates have a vibrator connection on the side, the top side shakes and the bottom side shakes. The vibrator should be operated for a minute at a time. Vibrator operation continues until cake is discharged.

VF Filter Model DCD

DCD MCRO Dimensional

Vertical Filter with Dry Cake Discharge- Automation self cleaning
Wet Cake Discharge
Dry Cake Discharge
MCRO Vertical Plate Filter for Large Indutrial Applications- Merrill-Crowe, Soda Ash, Caustic
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Water Drop.jpg
Water Drop.jpg
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