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Sparkler Filters Inc. 

Sparkler® Filters Inc. was founded in 1927 in Illinois by Aloysius Kracklauer. Starting with a small vacuum filter primarily used in beverage filtration A.C. Kracklauer soon grew Sparkler to become the leading filtration company in the world. Within 30 years he expanded the Sparkler product line to include dozens of industry changing designs. To this day the horizontal plate filter is known as a "Sparkler". Sparkler Filters, Inc continues to focus solely on filtration and are dedicated to remaining the leading experts in industrial liquid filtration. Creating customized products to meet the demand of new and changing industries, engineering solutions to complex processes and manufacturing the highest quality, longest lasting industrial filtration equipment available remains our mission.  

Sparkler® would like to take the opportunity to recognize Aloysius C. Kracklauer, Sparkler® founder and inventor of many of Sparkler's® patents for the first 50 years of operation. Click here to view a historical summary of some of our earlier patents. 

Aloysius Kracklauer, Sparkler Filters Founder

Karl Kracklauer, son of Sparkler’s® founder, returned to Sparkler® late in his professional career.  With respect and admiration we recognize the following history as written by Karl and published posthumously.


Sparkler Filters Inc.® always has been and continues to be a family-owned business with a single purpose: Allaying Separation Anxiety.  As a consequence of Sparkler’s® dedication to filtration, the depth of filtration lore, know-how, and problem-solving insight resident in the minds of the Sparkler engineers is unique.

Every Sparkler® customer may be assured that their filter will be engineered and manufactured with a degree of attention to detail that guarantees that it will work as promised, and last indefinitely. Quality and durability have been the hallmarks of our longevity. The unspoken truth about the filtration industry is that virtually every generic solution has been explored, and none has changed the game.  What makes a real difference is how the well-known solutions are implemented.


Sparkler Filters® patent legacy is exemplary. Although long expired, my father's patents live on in generic filters that have become industry standards. Like Coke, Kleenex, and Google, Sparkler® has become the name of a product: It's a Sparkler®. Sparklers® are now marketed, manufactured, and sold by virtually every industrial liquid filtration company in the world. While quality may vary, the design remains essentially the same. What distinguishes Sparklers® made by Sparkler Filters Inc.® is in the attention to details: quality construction, ergonomics, and optimizing the integration of equipment into the larger production process.


While we know that a given model will work for your problem, the key to realizing the benefit resides with getting the details right. For that reason, we devote our attention to doing just that. This attention to your project is not allocated primarily to the front or back end of our production process, but brought to your project by our sales representative, in-house sales team, and engineers. Most significantly, a team with first-hand experience solving thousands of filtration problems. 


We believe that the best results derive from the seamless merging of your particular product expertise with our filtration expertise. While our overt conversation may be dominated by the language of flow rates, particle retention, pressure deltas, and cycle times, we understand that the subtext is always about engineering a solution that will allay your separation anxiety.


Karl Kracklauer

Karl Kracklauer, Sparkler Filter History
Sparkler Filter Logo

For many years Sparkler® printed a monthly newsletter (named Sparks and Spark Plugs). It references current events, employees, new developments, personal achievements and entertaining articles. Simply put, it is a fun step into the past. 

First Issue 1948




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