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Vertical Plate Filters

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Industrial vertical leaf pressure filter- manual or automatic

Sparkler®'s line of Vertical Plate Filters consist of an ASME pressure vessel tank with vertical filter plates (leafs). Vertical Plate Filters are designed for versatility, full automation and self cleaning capabilities, minimum maintenance, maximum throughput, decades of durability and exceptional overall quality. Both the MCRO and Vertical Filter (VF) models offer a wide range of options in filter area, cake capacity, material of construction, design pressure and a multitude of other customization options to fit your needs. 

For assistance in selecting a filter for your application, please fill out a Application Data Sheet or contact us.

MCRO's- Horizontal ASME pressure vessel, Vertical filter plates. Perfect for applications that require large amounts of filter area and/or cake capacity. Filter area ranges from 100-3400 sq. ft. (9- 316 sq. m) per filter. These filters can be combined within a process to share a single inlet for large-scale filtration. Purchasing a "standby" unit to allow for continuous 24/7 operation. MCRO's can be fully automated including hydraulic open/closure, self-cleaning via sluice mechanism (or vibrator discharge for dry cake discharge), can contain PLC control, and are DCS and SCADA compatible. Common applications include Merrill-Crowe processes (Clarifier filters), solvay processes, food and beverage and chemical. 

Vertical Plate Filters- The Sparkler® Model VF Filter is a vertical plate/vertical tank filter specially designed for performance in areas with restricted floor space. VF's range from 38-700 sq. ft. (3.5- 65 sq. m) per filter. It can be easily adapted to achieve a variety of results in a wide range of applications.  Economical and designed for minimal maintenance. Can be fully automated to allow for zero operator contact. Many customization options available including a  "bottom drop". 

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