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Horizontal Plate Filter


Highest Flow Rate and Filter Area

The Sparkler® MCRO Filter is a revolutionary design which emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, economy, and minimum maintenance. This filter features a structural steel overhead suspended trolley design. The cover is permanently mounted to the end frame while the tank is suspended from the overhead. All piping is accommodated in the cover making it unnecessary to break any connections. The tank is easily retracted using a hydraulic cylinder, allowing open access to all of the filter parts.

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Vertical Plate Pressure Filter- Merrill-Crowe, Soda Ash, Industrial Volume

Filter plates remain stationary, mounted/seated in a manifold that is connected with cover, as tank is retracted causing no cake disturbance during opening. The filter design easily lends itself to full automation. Cake removal can be via Wet Cake DischargeDry Cake Discharge, or manual. If higher cake capacities are required, the center to center distance of the filter plates can be increased.  If filter area is of greater concern than cake capacity, the center to center filter plate distance can be reduced. MCRO's are used primarily in mining applications (clarifier filters), chemical and food and beverage industries. 

Click here to view the MCRO Sell Sheet. 

Click here to view the MCRO PowerPoint.

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