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Vertical Plate Filter

Highest Flow Rate and Filter Area

In a variety of different and diverse facilities the MCRO’s are the primary filtration unit.  Clarification, polishing, dewatering, de-liquoring are some of the roles the MCRO performs.  Whether you are removing solids from your liquid product or capturing solids as your primary product, if your process parameters match up with the capabilities of an MCRO unit, the MCRO durability, repeatable and predictable performance may provide you with a long term solution, throughput and favorable economics. The Sparkler® MCRO has found widespread acceptance in the Merrill-Crowe and Solvay Processes. Other common applications include food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical applications. 

One of the most unique and beneficial aspects of our MCRO model is the ability to customize any feature to fit your particular process. Steam jacket optional. Materials of construction vary widely and include carbon and stainless steels such as 304/316 and Duplex, Hastelloy, monel and more. Filter plates can be made out of any of the above and polypropylene. We have over 60 different variations of model sizes to better suit your process requirements. The MCRO is especially suited for automation in multiple capacities (PLC, DLC and SCADA) system control. Whether your application is Wet or Dry Cake discharge, the system can be completely automated via overhead sluice or pneumatic vibrator with self retracting tank. Hydraulic quick opening closure, sectional outlet manifolds, hoist built into frame to remove filter plates and many more options are available.

MCRO Control panel.png
Filter press and Sparkler vertical plate filter

Filter areas for our MCRO units range from 100 sq. ft. (9.29 m2) to 3400 sq. ft. (316 m2). Filter diameters begin at 24" and continue up to 84". Wide range of gasket material available including BUNA, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Silicone, Teflon and Teflon Encapsulated. Differential pressure and tank pressure are also customizable. 
We specialize in building custom filtration solutions to fit the needs of your specific application. Specializing in manufacturing liquid filtration equipment, and only liquid filtration equipment, for nearly 100 years, we are best suited to deliver a process solution that will allay your separation anxiety. If you would like our assistance in selecting a filter type or options for your application please send us an application data sheet or give us a call at (936) 756-4471.    

Click here to learn more about Wet and Dry Cake Discharge 

See the Specifications page for details on filter area and cake capacity. 

Fill out a Application Data Sheet to get a recommendation on filter type and size. 

Click here to download the MCRO Sell Sheet. 

Click here to view the MCRO PowerPoint.

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