HRC Filters

Rotating Filter Plates for Heavy-Duty Applications- Self Cleaning


HRC Stands for Horizontal Filter Plate Rotating Carriage. HRC models consist of a ASME horizontal pressure filter with rotating plates. The Model HRC combines the advantages of horizontal plate cake stability with vertical plate automatic cake discharge, an innovation engineered by Sparkler®. It is available in capacities up to 300 sq. ft. of filter area.

The filtering occurs with the filter plates in the horizontal position, when it is time for cake discharge the filter plates rotate into the vertical position and the cake is discharged. After cleaning, the plate carriage is returned to the horizontal position to resume the filtering cycle. The complete cycle of operation is performed without opening the tank- and if desired, can be completely automated. Filter plates in the horizontal position provide a flat support for filter media with no danger of cake slippage or cracking. Can be pre-coated with DE, Activated Carbon, Dicalite or other if desired. 

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The Sparkler Model HRC is primarily used in hazardous applications that require zero operator contact. The unique design of the HRC is perfect for fully automated operation. Many other applications also benefit from the rotating filter plates. 

Click here to download the Model HRC Sell Sheet. 

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