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Sparkler® Filters Inc. is dedicated to serving the liquid filtration needs of today's worldwide marketplace with up-to-date information and quality products. Headquartered in Conroe, Texas, Sparkler opened its doors in 1927 with a goal of providing customers with a single source for all their liquid filtration needs. Over the years, Sparkler has established a reputation as a leader in the liquid filtration industry. Quality, Reliability, Customer Service and Product Support are the reason our customers insist on "Sparkler Filters". Sparkler Filter users benefit from an experienced sales force and engineering group. Filtration components are manufactured with proven "no leak" designs. No matter what your liquid filtration needs, Sparkler Filters Inc. prides itself on being able to supply a suitable solution.

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We believe that the best results derive from the seamless merging of your particular product expertise with our filtration expertise. Our engineers can work with you to allay your separation anxiety. We create filters that provide uniform flow with the fewest moving parts and reduced/controlled sealing area to have the least likelihood of failure and greatest likelihood of success for many years to come. Operational reliability and low operating cost will provide the payback to the products and services we provide giving you longevity and value of performance beyond the cost of ownership. As an OEM, Sparkler® maintains the highest standards for each and every component that goes into our products. Made in the USA and built to ASME code. 

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