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Horizontal Plate Filter

Nutsche Filters

Sparkler Nutsche industrial pressure filter

6 Standard Designs To Fit Your Application

The Sparkler® Manual Nutsche Filter utilizes a vertical tank with a single horizontal filter plate mounted down in the tank. It is offered for special applications in which high bulk, easily filtered solids are processed through a variable thickness. These filters can be built in accordance with almost any individual specifications and/or applications.

The Sparkler® Basket Filter is similar to the Nutsche design, but features a basket which hangs down into the vessel and has a horizontal filter plate attached to the bottom. The basket allows the user to easily remove all cake buildup for processing or disposal.


Both designs can be supplied according to user specification and can be operated using either pressure or vacuum.  Vessels can be built with a variety of materials.  All filter media available for standard horizontal plate filters can be used with the Nutsche/Basket filters.

Click here to download the Nutsche Sell Sheet. 

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