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Horizontal Plate Filters

The hallmark of Sparkler® Filters legacy, the horizontal plate filter remains our best selling pressure filter. In addition to the standard Horizontal Plate Filter, we have expanded our product line to provide additional benefits for a variety of industrial applications. 


Our Horizontal Filter Plate models are designed for versatility, minimum maintenance, maximum throughput, decades of durability and exceptional overall quality. Consist of a vertical ASME pressure vessel tank with horizontal filter plates (filter leaves). All filters purchased through Sparkler Filters will include technical support, process consulting and custom engineering to fit your specific needs. 

18 inch with pump on ss base w watermark

Standard Horizontal Plate Filter- One of the most universally accepted industrial liquid filtration solutions in the world. Uniform flow, compact, no moving parts and easy to use design. (A small majority of applications use this filter)

Wash-Off Filter- The Sparkler Wash-Off Filter utilizes the same benefits of a standard horizontal plate filter but has the ability to quickly wash-off the filter plates for considerably faster cleaning time.

Reverse Flow Filter- The Sparkler Reverse Flow Filter combines the proven ability of the Standard Horizontal Plate Filter with the benefit of easy maintenance due to its reverse flow design. Zero heel filtration. Usually used with low-solid applications. 

VR Dual Disc Filter- The Sparkler VR Dual Disc Filter is designed for processes which require the removal of all traces of solids. Generally used in applications where solids are under .1%. Utilizes both sides of the filter plate to increase filter area.

V Dual Disc Filter- The Sparkler V Dual Disc Filter is similar in design to the VR type but generally designed for cloth and wire media using a pre-coat of Diatomaceous earth (DE), Dicalite or Activated Carbon in most cases. All filter plates are V shaped, allowing direct pathway to the filter media.Utilizes both sides of the filter plate to increase filter area.

Sparkler Lab Filter (L-1000)- The Sparkler L-1000 is designed for research and development and testing processes to scale before implementing full scale production filtration. Perfect for experimenting with different filter media, grades of diatomaceous earth (DE) and activated carbon to determine optimal flow rate and results. 

For assistance in selecting a filter for your application, please fill out a Application Data Sheet or contact us.

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