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Laboratory Filter

Exceptional Quality for Lab Tests and Process Experimenting

The L-1000 is particularly exceptional in academic and industrial laboratories and it serves the customer who strives to minimize cost-of-purchasing as much as cost-of-owning capital technology. If you found your way to this page looking for a quality lab filter, look no further, give us a call today! If you are interested in process improvement, read on. 

The L-1000 could prove to be one of the most profitable investments you ever make. If the variables inherent to your product are not unique, the variables of your process probably are. We consider ourselves to be the most qualified experts in liquid filtration processing in the world, even then, there are likely many variables in your process that we cannot determine without definitive test results. Many businesses don't realize that their overall throughput can be increased, and usually significantly, with proper testing and process consulting. Could you benefit by an additional 5% more product? 100%?    

Have you experimented with different filter media? Different grades of diatomaceous earth or Dicalite? Different grades of Activated Carbon? Precoating or changing the amount of DE in your precoat? Bodyfeed? Flow rates, pressure and differential pressure? The L-1000 could be exactly what you need to optimize your process and improve your margins. 

Rental units are also available. 

A vacuum version of the L-1000 is now available. 

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Lab Filter Specifications

Capacity – 165 in3 (2700cc)

Working Pressure – 100 psi (6.89 Bar)

Source of Pressure – compressed air or gas, vacuum

Media Diameter – 5.5 in (14 cm)

Media Type –  All

Filtration Surface – 22 in2 (142cm2)

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