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Horizontal Plate Filter

Vertical Fitler (VF)

For Limited Floor Space or Zero Operator Contact

The Sparkler® Model VF Filter is a vertical plate/vertical tank filter specially designed for performance in areas with restricted floor space or in processes that require zero operator contact.  It can be easily adapted to achieve a variety of results in a wide range of applications.  The rigid filter plate design is economical and designed for minimal maintenance.

The VF filter plates  may be cleaned without opening the filter vessel.  This may be accomplished using a fixed overhead sluice to wash the cake off the plates (wet cake discharge), or via a vibrator connection which will shake the cake off of the plates (dry cake discharge).

Click here to download the Vertical Filter Sell Sheet. 

Automatic bottom drop vertical filter pressure vessel
Water Drop.jpg
Water Drop.jpg
Water Drop.jpg
Water Drop.jpg
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