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Horizontal Plate Filter

V Dual Disc 

Horizontal Plate Filter

Double the Filter Area Over Traditional Horizontal Plate Filters

Sparkler Model V Horizontal Plate Filter Internal Illustration

The Sparkler® V Dual Disc Horizontal Plate Filter combines the proven filtration superiority of the Sparkler Standard Horizontal Plate Filter with the benefit of utilizing the top and bottom of each filter plate to essentially double the filter area of traditional pressure filters. 

It is designed for low solid, highly viscous processes. Usually used as a polishing filter. All Horizontal Filter Plate models utilize a single sealing area, are designed to ASME specifications and the filter plates are totally enclosed. 

Sparkler V Dual Disc Filters are an excellent choice for either continuous or long-cycle operations. A variety of filter media including synthetic, wire mesh and membrane media.

Common materials of construction include 304 S.S., 316 S.S., 304 L.S.S., 316 L.S.S., Hastelloy, Carbon Steel, Nickel, Duplex, Titanium and Monel. Standard design pressure is 60 PSIG but higher design pressure is available. Models can be supplied with a jacket if required, commonly in the previously mentioned materials. Standard diameters are 12", 17" and 32" but customization is possible.
Filters can be supplied with different take sizes and number of filter plates to increase filter area. Wide range of finishes are available for wetted and non-wetted parts. Wide range of gasket material available including BUNA, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Silicone, Teflon and Teflon Encapsulated. Differential pressure and tank pressure are also customizable. Filter mounting, valves and piping, finishes, design pressure, deferential pressure, air vent, pressure gauge, tank ports, jacket ports and cover ports can be customized to fit your needs. We specialize in building custom filtration solutions to fit the needs of your specific application. Specializing in manufacturing liquid filtration equipment, and only liquid filtration equipment, for nearly 100 years, we are best suited to deliver a process solution that will allay your separation anxiety. If you would like our assistance in selecting a filter type or options for your application please send us an application data sheet or give us a call at (936) 756-4471.      

See the Specifications page for details on filter area and cake capacity. 
Fill out a Application Data Sheet to get a recommendation on filter type and size. 
Click here to download the V Dual Disc Horizontal Plate Filter Sell Sheet

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