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Liquid Filtration: Exceptional Quality, Unparalleled Performance

Welcome to Sparkler Filters®: Your Partner in Solid-Liquid Separation

At Sparkler Filters, we've been setting the standard in liquid filtration for nearly a century. As a leading manufacturer, we pride ourselves on crafting high-quality, long-lasting filtration equipment tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. With each of our products our goal is to provide you with unwavering reliability, predictability, superior service and exceptional returns on your investment that span decades.

Innovation Pioneers

Our legacy is one of innovation. Almost a century ago, Sparkler Filters pioneered the first modern-style horizontal plate filter, introduced the first residential and field-use water filters, and even revolutionized the cooking oil filtration process. These and countless other groundbreaking innovations have defined our iconic status and continue to fuel our passion for solving filtration challenges.

Engineering Expertise at Your Service

With our ~100 year history, Sparkler Filters has accumulated unparalleled engineering expertise in industrial liquid filtration. We stand ready to deliver the best possible solution for your unique filtration challenges. Whatever your application goals may be, Sparkler can work closely with you to develop a customized, optimal solution.


Comprehensive Support

In addition to our extensive range of filtration equipment, we offer comprehensive support in the form of filter media, filtration process consultingparts, and rentals. Our team of application engineers is ready to assist you in achieving your process goals and objectives.


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Sparkler Filters, Inc. 1920 horizontal plate fiters
Sparkler Filter; Standard Horizontal Plate Filter

Filter Paper

Membrane Filters

Cellulose Filters

Woven Media

Wire Mesh

Carbon Impregnated Filters

DE Impregnated Filters

Lenticular Filtration

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