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Liquid Filtration: Exceptional Quality, Unparalleled Performance

Sparkler® prides itself in manufacturing high quality, long lasting filtration equipment that is custom built to provide its customers superior service, reliability, predictability and the highest overall return on investment for decades. We manufacture nutsche filters, vertical pressure leaf filters, horizontal plate filters, lenticular filters, lab filters, cooking oil filters,vacuum filters and cartridge filters. Sizes range from .02 square feet to 3,400 square feet of filter area and .05 cubic feet to 300 cubic feet of cake capacity for nearly every solid/liquid separation application. 

Nearly 100 years ago Sparkler invented the first modern style horizontal plate filter, the first residential and field use water filters, the first cooking oil filter and countless other innovations that revolutionized the filtration industry. Sparkler’s iconic status continues to grow from the countless solutions we have provided our customers through our nearly 100 year history. They afford us an unmatched engineering expertise in the field of industrial liquid filtration to deliver the best possible solution to your unique filtration challenge. Whatever the goals are for your application, Sparkler can work with you in developing the best possible solution.   

In addition to our pressure filters we offer product support in the form of Filter Media, filtration process consultingparts and rentals

Sparkler Filter; Standard Horizontal Plate Filter
Sparkler Filters, Inc. 1920 horizontal plate fiters

Filter Paper

Membrane Filters

Cellulose Filters

Woven Media

Wire Mesh

Carbon Impregnated Filters

DE Impregnated Filters

Lenticular Filtration

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