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Sparkler Filters, Inc.  Liquid Filtration


 If there is an iconic liquid filtration company it is Sparkler Filters, Inc.  Sparkler® was founded by A.C. Kracklauer in 1927 during the years of Prohibition, serving the business of the era. This humble beginning began Sparkler’s  journey to solving the worlds’ filtration challenges. Sparkler® has continued to grow as a privately held corporation expanding its expertise into all aspects of industrial liquid filtration. Today, just as in 1927 we remain dedicated to serving the custom liquid filtration needs of industry into the 21st century.

Over the years, Sparkler® has established a reputation as a leader in the liquid filtration industry. Quality, Reliability, Customer Service and Product Support are the reason our customers insist on “Sparkler Filters  ”.

Sparkler’s  history is about building high quality, long lasting equipment that is custom built to provide its customers superior service and return on investment for decades.

Sparkler’s  iconic status continues to grow from the countless solutions we have provided our customers through our 87 year history. They afford us an unmatched engineering expertise in the field of industrial liquid filtration to deliver the best possible solution to your unique filtration challenge.

Call us at (936) 756-4471.