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Torpedo Filter
String wound cartridge
string vs pleated

Inventory over 70,000 filters across 140 different configurations!

String Wound Filter Media: Manufactured in Texas our String Wound filters are made on precision-crafted machines for the highest quality "depth" filter cartridges on the market. Available in over 100 configurations to fit most size depth filters and hundreds of applications. Click the spec sheets below to view the diameter, length, micron rating, core material and treatment options available for each material!

          Bleached Cotton

          FDA Polypropylene


          Fibrillated Polypropylene

          Natural Cotton





Bag/Sock Filter Cartridges: Our Bag Replacement Filter (Bullet Series) has changed the way that bag filtration vessels are viewed and used. These filters utilize a proprietary string winding approach to create layers of filtration 1.5” deep. This approach traps and removes a larger volume of particles and contaminants than bags/socks. In some applications customers have captured as much as 15 pounds of particulates. Gone are the days of replacing and disposing of bags/socks multiple times per day or week and sketchy performance in capture. These filters are a direct replacement to #2 filter bags and fit directly into all major manufacturer baskets.

          Standard Bag/Sock replacement filter media

          High-Temp Bag/Sock replacement filter media

Pleated Filter Alternatives: Our string wound cartridge filter media provide more depth to trap and remove a larger volume of particulates than their pleated competitors. With flow rates up to 500 GPM our cartridges will outperform standard filter elements by multiples of 5 or more! Our customers experience a better quality of filtration, reduced downtime, maintenance and labor cost. These filter elements replace cartridges from Pall, 3M, FTC, Fil-Trek, Parker, Shelco, Jonell, PecoFacet, Global and others. Call us today to see the improvements yourself!

          6 Series: 6" Outside Diameter Filter Elements (Series 6)

          Standard Flow Elements

          40 Series: 3M 740 40" Filter Element Replacement

Click here to view the list of Filter Paper in stock.  

String-Wound, high flow tubular and Bag/Sock Filter Cartridges

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