Standard Flow Horizontal Plate Filter 

Photo Gallery

18 inch pump and motor
Sparkler Horizontal Plate Filter Pressure Vessel
Sparkler Filter system- Manual cake discharge, Polishing Filter
Industrial horizontal leaf pressure vessel, polishing filter
Liquid filtration vessel- process pressure filter
14-D-4 with rigid insulation jacket
8 inch 1
2 33-S-28 with cartridge and watermark
18 inch w
33-S-28 cartridge and tank w watermark
shelby 33s with watermark
Sparkler Filter suited for DE filtration and activated charcoal pressure vessel
Industrial pressure vessel liquid solid separator, polishing filter
18 inch w pump and motor on ss base w wa
18 inch control panel watermark
18 inch control panel watermark
Sparkler industrial filtration pressure vessel, polishing filter
2 33-S-28 filters w watermark
ASME stamped liquid filter outlet piping
33-S-28 cartridge w watermark
14-D-4 Cartridge
DE Filter, Activated Charcoal ready filter plates
14-D-4 with electropolish cartridge out.