Reverse Flow Horizontal Plate Filter 

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Sparkler Industrial Polishing Pressure Vessel

Side View of Sparkler RF Horizontal Plate Filter

Reverse Flow Horizontal Filter Plate Illustration

Filtration method of a Sparkler filter suitable for DE filters and Carbon filtration

Flow Path of Reverse Flow Horizontal Plate Filter

Sparkler Reverse Flow Industrial Pressure Vessel System

RF Sparkler Horizontal Plate Filter. Polishing filter

Open view of a Sparkler RF Horizontal Plate Filter

Sparkler RF Flow Path of Industrial Pressure Vessel

Difference between Sparkler Standard HPF with Scavenger Plate and Sparkler Reverse Flow Models

Horizontal Plate Filter Explained- Filtration Process Internal Differences

Illustration describing the differences between standard Sparkler Horizontal Plate Filter with Scavenger and Reverse Flow Filter.