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Filtro de placa horizontal de disco duplo vr

Galeria de fotos


310 square feet

VR Side view watermark
VR top shot wo cover watermark
VR Plate w Sparkler
RF-33-VR-32 Cartridge
Inside bottom tank RF-VR

Inlet in center, outlet offset

Dual girth mounted RF-VR's

Over 620 ft2 pictures

Bottom RF-VR Cartridge

Bottom view showing inlet

VR Screen

Double filter area mesh

Inside the Inlet

Internal photo of inlet of RF-VR

VR Industrial Pressure Vessel for Solid Liquid Separation

Sparkler Model VR Horizontal Plate Filter Dimensional Drawing

Polishing Filter Plate cartridge for use with DE and Activated Carbon Industrial Filtration

Sparkler Model VR Filter Plate Illustration

Pressure Filter Model VR for Low Solid Removal Process

Illustration of Sparkler Model VR Cartridge

Horizontal Plate Filter for Low Solid Slurries and Polish Filtration

Sparkler Model VR Horizontal Plate Filter Cartridge Illustration

Pressure Filter Housing for Process Industries

Horizontal Plate Pressure Filter Housing for Liquid Filtration

Custom horizontal plate filter for solid removal from liquid slurry

Process Pressure Vessel Front View

Polishing Pressure filter for solid liquid processing

Horizontal High Pressure Vessel Filter with Electropolish

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